Decades of experience, a history of innovation and strong partnerships

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At the forefront of innovation for more than 25 years

xarvio is part of BASF Digital Farming Solutions.
With decades of experience, a history of innovation, and a strong network of partnerships, we, at xarvio, are dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions that empower farmers and optimize agricultural practices.

25+ years
of crop modeling experience

With over 25 years of crop modelling experience, we have built our expertise in the field. We are working together with research partners worldwide and early pioneers in the industry that have played a crucial role in incubating digital crop modelling technologies.

Meet our team:

Management team


Konstantin Kretschun

Global Digital Farming Lead / Managing Director


Thomas Schilling

Global Head of Platform Engineering / Managing Director


Vania Gortcheva

Head of Global Commercial Operations


Daniel Ebersold

Global Head of Agronomic Technology / Global Head of Smart Spraying Technology


Pushhkal Manaj

Global Head of Product Management

Commercial operations


Pablo Provera



Lucas Marcolin



Loic Maujean



Henrich Meier



Soichiro Fuji



Justin Gayliard

North America

Holistic farming ecosystem player

We are proud of our partnerships with local centers of excellence, universities, and industry partners expert in seeding, nutrition, crop protection. By combining our expertise with theirs, we deliver exceptional products that cater to the specific needs of our customers.

We actively invest in leveraging our cross-functional capabilities, including soil testing and satellite technology, to provide comprehensive solutions that address the challenges faced by farmers. Our commitment to connectivity and openness is evident through our partnerships with machine manufacturers such as Bosch, John Deere, CNH, KUBOTA, as well as weather station companies like Sencrop and numerous farm management systems.

Partnering with

Ag LeadersAgravisAmazoneArableArvalisBoschCase IHCC-IsobusClaasClearAgCNH IndustrialDavisDKE DataFarm FactsFendtHelm SoftwareIsagriJohn DeereKroneKubotaKverneland GroupLemkenMassey FergusonMuddy Boots SoftwareMüller ElektronikNew HollandNext FarmingOlds CollegeOneSoilPesl InstrumentsPlanetPottingerRavenSencorpSmagSteyr TraktorenUniversität BonnUniversität RostockValtraVanderSatYanmarZen Noh

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