Not just a promise. A guarantee.
Outcome based crop protection solution

Based on decades of experience in crop and disease modelling, xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS provides you with the most precise crop protection strategy, optimizing the application timing, product and dosage, depending on the field and season.

And it comes with a guarantee of success:

If our recommendations do not achieve the desired goal and ensure the health of your fields, we pay you a compensation. Rest assured, we've got you covered in any case.

Unique on the agro market:

Outcome-based crop protection solution, from decision to implementation.

Field status
For farmers
What does this mean for you as a farmer?

Simple, safe, successful

For you as a farmer, this means: Simply follow the application recommendations of xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS, document the application of the recommended fungicide strategy and check the crop health at the end of the season.

It couldn't be more convenient and safer.

We don't just promise.We guarantee.

We take the risk for you. xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS is all-round carefree package for your fungicide strategy in winter wheat and winter barley.

Healthy Fields 2
Optimized strategy delivered

In combination with factors such as location, regional weather, previous crop, cultivated variety and many others, you receive an optimized field-specific fungicide strategy.

You can transfer the application maps to your terminal. In this way, dosage rates can be precisely applied and adapted to the respective field zone. At the same time, the application maps can be uploaded to xarvio FIELD MANAGER and analyzed by you.

Healthy Fields 4

In case our recommendations don't achieve the desired goal and ensure the health of your fields, we pay a compensation - graded according to health classes.

Our guarantee demonstrates a high success rate, with 99.2% in 2022 and 98% in 2023.

Horst Düll

Horst Düll

from Germany​


The application recommendations match our own documented observations very well. This means that we always have an overview of the current situation on our fields without having to constantly drive through all of them.

What’s in it for you?

Seeding maps

The optimal crop protection strategy


Precision through digitalization: you get a combination of the most effective products and best timing when to apply with the biggest effect.

Sustainability and resource efficiency


Product applications are only made when necessary - when there is an infection risk. During the season, fungicides are optimized and applied more efficiently.

Time efficiency


Developing a crop protection strategy takes expertise and time. The same goes for checking requirements and amended approvals. xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS significantly saves you time so you can focus on other tasks.

Simplicity & transparency


All application maps are sent back to the xarvio FIELD MANAGER and full transparency of the applications is guaranteed at all times. The application maps are available in xarvio FIELD MANAGER at any time.

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