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Aerial Zone Spray available to Ag Pilots and Growers for 2020 spraying season

Aerial Zone Spray available to Ag Pilots and Growers for 2020 spraying season

Calgary, Alberta, June 18, 2020


This season, xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions, powered by BASF, is pleased to announce that canola fungicide Zone Spray on/off prescriptions for aerial application are now available in xarvio FIELD MANAGER. Aerial formats include Satloc®, AG-NAV, and generic shapefiles to work with virtually any guidance controller that has auto-boom shutoff installed.

Jon Bagley, Manager of Westman Aerial Spraying Ltd. in Manitoba stated, “We used xarvio last season on some of the canola fields in the Brandon area. In those particular fields, where germination and plant stand was variable it saved the farmer about $900-$1000 per field. The added benefit was that the environmental impact was reduced by putting the fungicide only in places where it would be effective in reducing the impact of disease. We see this as a valuable tool right now for our farmer customers and we are excited to see how this technology will grow in its uses.”

“We’ve been testing Aerial Zone Spray with pilots for the past three years and we’re confident it’s an accurate and effective way to apply canola sclerotinia fungicide by management zone”, said Doug Mackay, xarvio Senior Commercial Project Manager.

There are many benefits to both the grower and Ag Pilot using Aerial Zone Spray on/off prescriptions in their canola fields:



  • No tracks in the field, saving potential yield losses from wheel trampling
  • Savings in fungicide by treating the right acres with the highest yield potential
  • Making your fungicide application decision easier with growth stage and disease risk models and notifications
  • Easy to use platform that can transfer on/off prescriptions to your aerial applicator right from your smartphone
  • More time to focus on other business or family activities

Ag Pilots:

  • Cover the whole field while treating the right acres
  • Less water and fungicide per field, less fills, less ferry trips
  • Get paid for covering the cropped area of the field
  • Less stress and fatigue while flying by having auto-boom shutoff take care of turning the spray on and off automatically instead of constantly judging where to do so
  • Confidence in doing a professional job with differentiating technology

Due to the current pandemic situation and many growers not being able to meet in person with their advisor or aerial applicator, we’ve made xarvio FIELD MANAGER completely FREE for the 2020 season to put effective digital tools in their hands and manage their fields through virtual contact.

Sign up for a free xarvio FIELD MANAGER account today at

View the Aerial Zone Spray training webinar on YouTube HERE