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How precision farming can fill rice bowls

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How precision farming can fill rice bowls


Limited amount of arable land, ambitious political commitments for more sustainable farming, an aging workforce… With Japanese agriculture facing so many challenges, digital solutions have not only become a valuable aid, but also essential.

Digitalization has immense potential to help Japanese farmers like Masaharu Kawamura, who claims that “our traditional farming experience is not enough anymore”.

For this reason, together with ZEN-NOH, Japan's largest agricultural cooperative, we are promoting Japanese farmers' access to smart agricultural technologies.

A tailored version of xarvio® FIELD MANAGER was launched in Japan in March 2021 to meet the needs of Japanese farmers. It is configured to local agronomic conditions and includes unique features – water management, seed treatment and seed box treatment, rice specific biomass maps, NDVI maps for small fields, and a herbicide program for soy.

Read the story about our collaboration with ZEN-NOH, Japan’s largest farming cooperative, and how precision farming can fill rice bowls:


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