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Seamless data transfer - better crop protection

Press Information

September 27, 2023

John Deere Operations Center™ and xarvio® FIELD MANAGER

John Deere and xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions

Seamless data transfer - better crop protection


Walldorf and Cologne, Germany, September 27, 2023 – John Deere and xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions, from BASF Digital Farming, announce a more advanced and seamless digital experience for farmers and advisors using John Deere Operations Center™ and xarvio® FIELD MANAGER to optimize crop protection.


Through enhanced platform connectivity, work plans created in xarvio® FIELD MANAGER for the precision application of crop protection can be now directly shared with the John Deere Operations Center™ with just ‘one click’. This allows farmers and advisors to more easily enhance the use of crop inputs to increase sustainability, while saving time, improving efficiency, and reducing environmental impacts. It also enables the use of investments made in digital & Precision Ag technology to be maximized.


xarvio® FIELD MANAGER provides farmers with timely crop and field-specific agronomic advice to optimize crop protection. To use this value in the field more effectively, a smooth, fast and secure transfer is necessary. With the latest version of the John Deere Operations Center™ linked with xarvio® FIELD MANAGER, information including spray timing and prescription maps for fields and field-specific zones based on agronomic recommendations, can be directly shared as work plans with the John Deere Operations Center™. As needed, further operational work details can be added and plans including prescriptions can be wirelessly transferred to any machine featuring the Gen4 or G5 Display. This ensures advanced plans can be executed easier and more precisely than ever before. 


“We are excited about the progress achieved here since we began our collaboration with John Deere. This deeper digital integration of platforms combines John Deere’s leading know-how in equipment connectivity and precise job execution, with our expertise in delivering science-based accurate, measurable and timely agronomic recommendations for the application of nutrition and crop protection. It never has been so easy to turn these agronomic recommendations into actionable tasks for the machine to implement”, says Konstantin Kretschun, Global Head of BASF Digital Farming. “ This increases crop yield levels and quality, while improving input efficiency, lowering risk and reducing the environmental footprint.”

Katharina Nies, Marketing Manager Precision Ag, agrees: “Achieving the ambitious goals set by the European Green Deal for reducing crop protection impacts requires the industry to work together. This seamless digital integration allows farmers to receive value from the unique capabilities of both companies optimising crop protection tasks in a smooth, sustainable, and efficient manner.”


The enhanced connectivity will be available to farmers that use both toolsets in Germany and France from November 2023. In addition to this integration, xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions and John Deere will also work together on a longer-term initiative to explore further opportunities to improve sustainable crop protection for farmers.