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xarvio FIELD MANAGER adds Sclerotinia Risk Advisor tool to reduce disease’s impact on Western Canada’s canola production

  • Sclerotinia stem rot significantly reduces canola yield, costing growers money and impacting Canada’s agricultural economy
  • New tool optimizes fungicide use for better plant health, yield, and profits
  • Helping canola growers become more sustainable

CALGARY, AB, June 18, 2024 – xarvio ® FIELD MANAGER, from BASF Digital Farming, now offers a Sclerotinia Risk Advisor tool for canola to help reduce the disease’s devasting and persistent impact on crop production across Western Canada.

Offering added value to canola growers, the new Sclerotinia Risk Advisor tool is based on a specially developed model by xarvio agronomists, which was validated through field trials held in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The field trials conducted by BASF’s Technical Services and Research and Commercial Development teams confirmed the model’s high level of accuracy in early disease risk prediction, supporting timely, targeted and economically beneficial fungicide use.

“Sclerotinia stem rot is one of the most prolific and devastating diseases impacting canola, and its timely identification and treatment are critical to reducing its effect on production,” said Kael Briggs, BASF’s xarvio Commercial Lead for Canada. “Our new early risk detection tool for this fungal disease, complements the wide range of existing features in xarvio FIELD MANAGER, and offers agronomists and crop consultants further insights to help support their customers.” 

xarvio FIELD MANAGER users can utilize the Sclerotinia Risk Advisor tool to determine the disease risk across all canola fields under management, enabling them to see the risk level in individual fields. This leads to greater input efficiency, improved plant health and crop yield, while improving profitability and sustainability.

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