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BASF collaborates with Google Cloud to launch Generative AI Chatbot Consultant Service for xarvio® FIELD MANAGER users in Japan

  • ■ State-of-the-art gen AI chatbot service instantly answers product question with text, images, and video
  • ■ Provides 24/7 customer support that elevates the user experience of xarvio® FIELD MANAGER for farmers in Japan

    BASF Japan today announces it is leveraging Google Cloud technologies to develop and launch a unique gen AI Chatbot Consultant Service for users of BASF’s xarvio FIELD MANAGER cultivation management support system.

    The chatbot service, powered by Google Cloud’s gen AI Gemini platform, Vertex AI, will provide xarvio FIELD MANAGER users in Japan with instant and customized responses to product use 24/7. Customized responses include text, images, and video as applicable.

    Version One of the gen AI Consultant Service is available now, providing farmers with additional support in time for the start of this year's growing season. This new chatbot service complements the existing telephone and email-based service offered by xarvio’s customer support center.

    The new chatbot service has been created from extensive dialogue between BASF and farmers in Japan. Information captured from this engagement, including commonly occurring product use questions, have been programmed into the service to provide a baseline.

    The chatbot goes beyond providing a standard answer to questions, it instead delivers a customized response that creates additional value for xarvio FIELD MANAGER users. The chatbot service enables optimal use of xarvio FIELD MANAGER's diverse capabilities, which are developed to maximize yield quality and quantity, while increasing farm productivity, sustainability, and profitability.

    Shinsuke Noda, Director of Agricultural Solutions in BASF Japan, said: "We are very happy to be able to collaborate with Google Cloud and utilize their latest AI technology. BASF Agricultural Solutions Japan is in the business of supporting farmers amidst industry consolidation, helping the industry to achieve sustainable agriculture. This initiative that we are implementing for xarvio FIELD MANAGER enables our farmers to get the information they need 24/7. The solution is not only intuitive, but also intelligent and showcases our commitment to seamlessly connect available technologies to serve our farmers better. Japan is geographically extensive, and I believe this is a superior addition to our existing customer services, as farmers can benefit from being able to reach out to us at their own convenience. Through the gen AI consultant service, users can better understand how to utilize the full capabilities of the many farm management features of xarvio."

    "We are excited to collaborate with BASF Japan to help farmers in optimizing yield with Google Cloud's gen AI technology. Together, we will provide farmers with the tools they need to make the most of their crops, while reducing their environmental impact. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to using technology to solve real-world problems and help farmers around the world." stated Tomoyuki Hirate, Vice President, Japan Representative Director & President, Google Cloud.

    This collaboration is currently only available in Japan. Both BASF Japan and Google Cloud will constantly evaluate and expand the learning scope of the chatbot technology to improve and enhance the user experience. The service is free of charge for all registered xarvio FIELD MANAGER farmers of Japan.