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xarvio® FIELD MANAGER with growing popularity among German farmers

Press Information

xarvio® FIELD MANAGER with growing popularity among German farmers


  • Registered user numbers increased by 46% in the 2021/22 season compared to the previous season
  • More than 7,000 variable application maps used for seeding, crop protection and fertilization
  • Latest field test results confirm the high accuracy, value and cost advantages generated by the xarvio® FIELD MANAGER

Cologne, Germany, 20 January 2023 – More and more farmers in Germany rely on the xarvio® FIELD MANAGER to optimize their crop production. In total, more than 840,000 hectares have been entered into the system to date. In the 2021/22 season the number of registered users grew to more than 12,000, which is an increase of 46% compared to the previous season.

Of the wide range of features offered by xarvio FIELD MANAGER, variable application maps for individual fields saw the greatest growth in usage in 2021/22 compared to 2020/21. In total 7,000 variable application maps for seeding, crop protection and fertilization were created last season, which was more than double on the previous year. Of these 7,000 application maps created in 2021/22, 1,800 were used for plant protection, 4,300 for fertilization and 900 for seeding. The increased use of variable application maps for fertlization, may be attributed to farmers seeking greater input efficiently and cost savings. 


Field trials again deliver - more yield, more savings and optimized application use


In the 2021/22 season, small plot trials were again carried out in winter wheat, winter barley and rye. The spraying timing and product recommendation for fungicides from xarvio FIELD MANAGER were compared with the well-known industry standard fungicide applications (winter wheat: T1, T2 and T3, winter barley and winter rye: T1 and T2). The results for the plots managed with xarvio FIELD MANAGER again showed a higher return on investment (ROI). On average, winter wheat achieved an average increase of €58 per hectare using xarvio FIELD MANAGER’s timing and product recommendations. For winter barley, xarvio's recommendations achieved an average increase of €18 per hectare with an average reduction in fungicide use of 23%.  An average increase of 41 € per hectare with an average reduction in fungicide use of 50% was achieved in winter rye based on timing recommended by xarvio FIELD MANAGER.


On the small plot trials, Bjoern Kiepe, Head of Agronomy, xarvio Digital Farming Solutions, says: “In the south of the country there was very high Septoria Tritici infection rates and here xarvio FIELD MANAGER gave an early warning to reduce infection successfully. With winter rye in the east of Germany, there was a low infection rate because of low precipitation during summer. xarvio FIELD MANAGER’s application timing meant the crops were only sprayed, when necessary, helping reduce diseases and applications, while optimizing yield. The results further demonstrate the accuracy our agronomic models and agronomic decision engine in a range of crops and diverse growing conditions.” 


Weather Station Connectivity - Advanced Connectivity Options Increase Benefits and Benefits


This season, customers with weather stations from METOS by Pessl Instruments and Sencrop were also able to seamlessly connect their devices to xarvio FIELD MANAGER.  The number of newly connected weather stations from both manufacturers increased by 82%. By connecting the weather station devices, customers were able to benefit from the integration of hyperlocal, field-specific weather data into xarvio FIELD MANAGER's agronomic models to make even more accurate forecasts of growth stages, fertilization, crop protection and growth regulators as well as product recommendations.


High product performance and relevant functions are transforming agriculture


 "Modern agriculture requires continuous innovation to improve sustainability and productivity, with precision farming and seamless connectivity between technologies crucial. The strong growth of xarvio FIELD MANAGER in Germany and our successful field trial results again demonstrate the high accuracy of our models and measurable benefits for farmers. With the xarvio FIELD MANAGER, farmers can make the best possible use of their resources and land, optimize production and improve sustainability. At the same time, they are contributing to the goals of the EU Farm to Fork strategy," says Konstantin Kretschun, Global Head of xarvio Digital Farming Solutions, BASF Digital Farming GmbH. .

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