Know more, do better.
Then harvest more.

Using fertilizer more efficiently

Increase yield and save money by optimizing the distribution of fertilizers. xarvio FIELD MANAGER combines growth stage modelling, weather & satellite data, along with field history, to take your nutrient management to the next level.

Increase efficiency immediately.

Variable rate fertilizer maps

Increase efficiency immediately.

Apply right amount of fertilizer at the right place and prevent over-application by using site-specific maps.

  • Create fertilization maps for multiple fields in one go.
  • Create field-zone specific application maps for N, P, K and others.
  • Include management zones in maps, e.g. buffer zones or flowering stripes.
  • Merge two different maps, up to 7 layers, into a combined source map for variable applications.
  • Adjust the maps at any time.
  • Upload as applied maps for documentation and detailed analysis.
Increase efficiency immediately.

Nutrition planning tool

Upgrade your nutrient management.

Keep track of the fertilizer applications, set limits to monitor, leverage satellite data and cultivation history to calculate recommended fertilization amounts.

  • Define your N, P and K crop demand for each field.
  • Plan applications based on demand.
  • Keep track of mineral and organic fertilizer use.
  • Receive notification when exceeding the set limit.
  • Monitor total fertilizer use for all fields.

The proof in practice

In 2022 field trials in Japan, xarvio FIELD MANAGER’s variable application maps for fertilization were used and compared to standard fertilization application practices. By using xarvio FIELD MANAGER variable application maps, yield increases of between 15% to 20% were achieved, with an average fertilizer input reduction of 10% recorded. In some cases, depending on field conditions, fertilizer use was reduced by up to 50%.

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